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Management and Information Technology Consulting
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We have experience in analyzing and improving existing processes within your organization to meet new goals and objectives.
Process Improvement

i2 Advantage Consulting
has the experience to analyze and improve existing processes within your organization to meet new strategic goals and objectives. We utilize a collaborative approach to work with our clients to map business processes and sub-processes, find solutions for efficiency and cost reductions, and implement and measure new processes and technologies. Our cooperative approach includes the following activities.
Identify Processes - Identify and document key processes and subprocesses, including the process and technology inputs and outputs for each event.
Analyze Current State - Review current state processes and identify opportunities for process improvement through process changes and technology enhancements.
Design Future State - Develop new future state processes and performance design, including process changes, technology enablers, cost reduction, and efficiency improvements.
Test & Implement Improvements - Pilot, implement, and measure operational performance improvements, including time, quality, cost, and IT performance.
Services Overview