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Management and Information Technology Consulting
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Our experienced professionals can help you scope, plan, budget, manage, and implement your organization’s most critical projects.
Project Management

i2 Advantage Consulting
can assist your organization in planning, staffing, managing, delivering, and measuring your organization's most critical projects. We have extensive experience in managing a wide range of projects and will bring industry best practices to five key areas of project management including:
Management & Control - Deliver proven practices to monitor project work plans, develop project budgets, identify key milestones, recruit talented staff, resolve project issues, and manage enterprise-wide communication.
Risk Management - Identify risks and develop strategies and plans to mitigate and manage both unplanned and inherent risks.
Change Management - Develop and implement a plan to allow the organization to adopt and manage change without impacting project momentum.
Quality Management - Implement mechanisms to identify and resolve problems early on by establishing project checkpoints for internal quality reviews.
Benefits Realization - Determine quantitative measures to calculate the benefits of the project and communicate those benefits to management.
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